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In his Commentaries, Caesar – at the moment the Roman normal accountable for the province of Gaul, in trendy France and Belgium – described main two invasions of Britain.

Within the first, which historians date to 55 BC, Caesar invaded with two legions of infantry and fought the British for 10 weeks within the japanese components of Kent, earlier than retiring his troops to Gaul for the winter.

IN 54 BC, Caesar invaded once more, with time with 5 legions of Roman infantry and 2000 cavalrymen – greater than 20,000 males in complete – close to the Roman fort found by archaeologists at Ebbsfleet.

Within the months that adopted, the Roman armies waged warfare by means of Kent and throughout the River Thames into the trendy counties of Essex and Hertfordshire, the place Caesar pressured the give up of the British warfare chief, Cassivellaunus.

After imposing peace treaties on the defeated southeast British tribes, Caesar returned together with his troops in September 54 BC to Gaul, the place a poor harvest had brought on unrest.

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