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“Pyrotechnic disconnect” sounds cool

Though EVs are gaining acceptance, many shoppers have lingering fears over the security of lithium-ion batteries after a crash. These folks could discover consolation in a patent submitting from Tesla, which hints the corporate is trying to bolster battery security with a particular “pyrotechnic disconnect” machine.

In line with the patent, a “pyrotechnic disconnect” can sever connection between a battery pack and a motor, rising the security of system. In demanding conditions, the disconnect should interrupt very massive currents, however doing so can create electrical arcs that should be suppressed with a view to keep away from additional hazards. It’s necessary these electrical arcs are managed correctly with out making the disconnect overly complicated or costly to implement, a problem which Tesla’s system hopes to beat.

Tesla’s machine features a housing with a combustion chamber inside, along with a pyrotechnic cost in that combustion chamber. A busbar covers the opening of the combustion chamber and is configured to be severed by activation of the pyrotechnic cost. Importantly, the pyrotechnic cost is configured in order that fuel cools these pesky electrical arcs. There’s an exhaust port in a grating in a wall of the housing that enables fuel to suppress the electrical arc shaped by the severing of the busbar. Arc splitter plates organized within the housing assist suppress an arc by dividing it into a number of arcs, interrupting the present circulate.

A disconnect isn’t restricted to simply EV batteries, because it will also be utilized in stationary storage for electrical vitality. Tesla’s system permits system to be disconnected shortly whereas managing arcs, and it may enhance battery security, though it’s unclear how Tesla plans to make use of this patent submitting.

Supply: U.S. Patent and Trademark Workplace (1, 2) through InsideEVs

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